WhatsApp begins testing multi-device logins, improved search, chat clearing, more


With WhatsApp constantly evolving, new features such as the multi-device login support are long overdue. However, it looks as though the Facebook-owned firm has started testing this plus a ton of other features with the latest beta updates.

Constant code-digger WABetaInfo has found a number of features being tested within the latest beta builds for iOS and Android. With probably the most interest, the multi-device login support is one feature that will really transform just how millions around the globe use the messaging platform. Not having to logout across devices would save a ton of frustration — something that we reviewers would also really appreciate too.

At the moment, you can only have one mobile device signed-in to WhatsApp, with a further PC, Mac or web browsers logged in. You can swap between these but, only one can be logged-in at a time. This makes seamless use difficult and switching devices frustrating at best, especially as the sign-in process is so convoluted and drawn-out.

We must stress that multi-device support is not user-facing within WhatsApp beta builds just yet. It will likely come in a future update, but WABetaInfo has found that it is being tested with up to four devices logged in simultaneously. This isn’t quite a high as services like Telegram but is still a heck of a lot better than the current two device limit.

Alongside this, it looks like WhatsApp will also get some other important search updates. You’ll soon be able to “search by date” when sifting through your existing conversations and group chats. This will make it much easier to find date-specific messages and images. Screenshots show the iOS version of this function but it will likely come to an Android beta channel update soon. Not only will you be able to search your messages via date, but we’ll also soon get the ability to search messages on the web. This is a nice little toggle that will allow you to search for message content using the in-app web browser.

This will also be joined by another enhanced Storage Usage feature that will allow you to view how much storage saved media occupies on your smartphone. This will be a complete overhaul of the current section dedicated to giving you storage information.

Another way future updates will improve the entire WhatsApp experience on mobile is the enhanced abilities when you want to clear entire chats. You will be able to clear all messages except for those that you have “starred”, which will make it much easier to delete messages you deem no longer necessary. This is a bit better than the basic “clear chat” option already available.

The last option to join the multi-device logins, enhanced Storage Usage, search, and chat clearing options within WhatsApp will be support for ShareChat video. The service might be little known outside of India but is a social network that includes chatrooms and more.

While none of these options are yet user-facing, it’s an extensive number of changes that will undoubtedly improve the entire experience using the cross-platform messaging app.

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