‘This is Not 1962’: Punjab CM Warns China Against Any Attempt to Intrude Into Indian Territory

Singh said China cannot stop India from building any infrastructure on its side of the border.

NEW DELHI: Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Saturday warned China against any attempt to intrude into the Indian territory, saying New Delhi will not back off in the face of Beijing’s intimidation.

However, he also underscored the need for a diplomatic solution to the escalating border tension.

“While we do not want war, we will not tolerate any bullying by Beijing,” said the chief minister, warning the neighbouring country against taking India lightly.

“This is not 1962,” he said, making it clear that if China did not stop indulging in intimidating behaviour, it would have to pay the price.

The Indian Army is ready to give a befitting reply and China should not take any chances,” he said, in response to a Kolkata resident’s question, during his Facebook Live session.

“We do not want war with any nation and want the situation to improve, but if they keep behaving like this we won’t have any other option left,” he said, urging China to mend its ways and talk to India to resolve the issue.

Singh said China cannot stop India from building any infrastructure on its side of the border.

“They (the Chinese) don’t listen to us when we object to them making roads inside our area in Aksai Chin, but when we make one road inside our area they react with aggression,” he said in a government statement here.

Singh was equally stern in warning Pakistan, which had been trying to foment trouble in Punjab and other parts of India by pushing terrorists, weapons and drugs from across the border through use of drones and other means.

A robust three-tier security structure, comprising BSF, Punjab police and Indian Army, was monitoring and securing the border with Pakistan round the clock, he said, adding that Punjab police, in recent months, busted 32 terror modules and seized more than 200 weapons.

On attempts by Gurpatwant Singh Pannu of the secessionist Sikhs for Justice outfit to instigate people and foment trouble in Punjab, the chief minister said he will not let Punjab’s hard-earned peace be disturbed at any cost by any foreign elements. He warned Pannu of dire consequences if he did not stop trying to destabilise the state.

Asserting that he knows how to handle people like Pannu, Singh dared him to try to enter Punjab, saying the state was fully prepared to tackle any threat from him and his banned outfit.PTI

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