Sitting in this position while eating helps in better digestion

01: Sitting in this position while eating helps in better digestion

When it comes to eating, we always worry about getting the right nutrients and it ends at pretty much that. We are asked to eat 5 vegetables and 3 fruits every day. We are asked to use smaller plates for portion control but something that is as much important if not more is the position in which you sit and eat. Do you know in Japan and China, it is an innate part of their culture to sit on the ground and eat and is also seen as a medium to wellness. Closer home, even Ayurveda recommends sitting on the floor while eating.

02: Standing or sitting while eating?

The truth is that the position in which you sit while eating affects the way your body will digest food. When you eat while lying down, it will digest food slowest, and when you eat while standing, it will digest it better than when you are sitting on a chair. But there is a position which works really well when it comes to digestion.

03: Sitting in sukhasana

So why is sitting on the floor while eating deemed healthy? The pose is called Sukhasana or the easy pose, which forces your body to sit erect while eating and because it requires you to sit on the ground, it also works on your hips and ankle health. But Ayurveda has the best reason for you to actually sit on the floor before relishing your meals of the day- and the reason is that it aids your digestion.

04: How it works?

Wondering about the logic? Here it is. When you sit in a criss-crossed position on the floor, to take a bite from your plate, you have to slightly bend forward. This engages your core and slightly contracts the muscles in the stomach, enabling them to process the movement of your food.

05: Sukhasana for better digestion

There is a reason this sitting pose is called sukhasana because it is said to calm you. This calming effect also works on your gut, thereby making you feel gentle while eating. Those who are dealing with poor bowel movements should definitely practice this sitting position because it is said to help you deal with constipation too.

06: Sit on the floor and eat

So what’s the best way to eat- sit on the floor, engage your core and enjoy your meal. This healthy habit has been in practice for years and it might just work in helping you deal with your digestion issues too.

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