Rs 10,000 Fine for Wedding With More Than 50 Guests During Coronavirus Lockdown in Rajasthan

RAJASTHAN:(PTI): Any person found violating social distancing norms at public places will have to pay a fine of Rs 100 in Rajasthan.

According to a notification under the new Rajasthan Epidemic Diseases Ordinance-2020, under which the state government on Sunday notified COVID-19 as epidemic disease for entire Rajasthan, any person not maintaining social distancing of minimum six feet from each other in public place will have to pay a fine of Rs 100.

A penalty of Rs 10,000 will be imposed for organising marriage related functions and having more than 50 members, and a fine of Rs 5,000 will be imposed for organising marriage-related function or gathering without prior information in writing to the sub divisional magistrate or not maintaining social distancing during the function.

Penalty for selling paan, gutka and tobacco product will be Rs 1,000. A fine of Rs 500 will be imposed for selling any item by a shopkeeper to a person not wearing mask or face cover.

Anyone found consuming liquor in public will also have to pay a fine of Rs 500.

Penalty amount for spitting in public and for not wearing mask of face cover (nose and mouth covered properly) in public or at workplace is Rs 200, according to the notification.

The country is under a lockdown to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

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