Indian Air Force now ready to take on China within 8 minutes if situation demands

NEW DELHI:(PTI) Indian Air Force is on high alert and is closely monitoring situation unfolding not only at Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh but the entire stretch of Sino-Indian border.

Ever since the standoff between India and China began, Indian Air Force has been amping up its capabilities.

Now the IAF is in a position to take to the skies and protect Indian forces and striking a blow to the enemy within 8 minutes.

Indian helicopters are capable of striking in the narrow mountain passes Ladakh’s rough geography features.

As per reports acquired by India TV, the Indian armed forces are in a state of alert for 60 days.

China is currently activating its airbases along the border. There are three airbases in Chinese territory opposite Ladakh. At the same time, China is eyeing Skardu airbase in Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir.

China has deployed J-8 fighters and bomber planes at their airbases. At this time, China has constructed a strategic base at Hotan that falls under Xinjiang Military command.

There are about 35 to 40 fighter planes at that base. These include J-11, J-8, bomber planes and AEWACS planes. China is also depending on its strength in an airbase in the Kashgar province.

However, there is a major factor that puts odds in India’s favour. Indian fighter jets are more adept at high altitude warfare. Indian Air Force has Sukhoi, Mirage, Jaguar, Mig planes that can trump Chinese planes should an airfight occur at high-altitude in Ladakh.

Moreover, though China is trying to use Pakistan’s Skardu airbase for its advantage, only 1 out of the 2 airstrips are active there.

India has been amping up its security profile along the LAC with China. On Saturday, the Indian Army deployed Akash missile system. These missiles are capable of striking down enemy aircrafts, drone and even missiles.

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