India Eid 2020: Moon sighted in Kargil, Eid to be celebrated tomorrow

KARGIL: Moon has been sighted in the region of Kargil, falling at the India-Pakistan border near Line of Control (L.O.C). Eid-ul-Fitr would be celebrated in Kargil sector of Ladakh.

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Eid is one of the most important festivals for the Muslim fraternity.

Press Release: Istihlaal committe Gond Mangal Pore Kargil:

Press Release: Istihlaal committe Gond Mangal Pore KargiL

Today on 22 May 2020 ,29th of Ramadhan ul Mubarak the moon of shawaal was sighted at G.M.Pore by five faithful persons namely Haji Mirza Chand Baba G.M Pore, Haji Jaafar Gond Mangal Pore, Ahmad Hussain R/o Tambis, GH Mohammad and Darvesh Ali R/o G.M.Pore and it was identified and approved by the scholars of Gond Mangal Pore along with ulamas of IKMT namely vice chairman baseej rouhaniyon Hujjatul Islam Sheikh Mohammed Hussain Rajaie along with other five scholars including vice chairman Anjumane Sahib Zamaan Sheikh Muslim and Hujjatul Islam Syed Ali Musavi Trespone..

At last the whole process was confirmed and signed by prominent scholar Hujjatul Islam Aga Syed Abass Musavi G.M Pore

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