Here’s how you can withdraw money from ATM without touching the machine in 25 seconds

Banks are working hard to protect customers from the coronavirus epidemic. Soon many of the country’s largest banks are preparing to install a contactless ATM machine.


According to media reports, AGS Transact Technology, a company working on ATS technology, has developed a new machine.


In this you will be able to scan the QR code through your mobile app and withdraw the cash.


The magnet strap is currently in the ATM card which contain complete customer data. This ATM machine checks the data after entering the PIN number. After that, customers are allowed to withdraw money.


Now banks are bringing equipped ATM machines. Customers will not touch the ATM machine in this.


Yes, customers can withdraw cash from their mobile phones without any touch.


For this you have to scan the QR code given on the ATM machine, then you have to enter this amount on your mobile and the cash will be released from the ATM.


Mahesh Patel said that it is very safe and easy to withdraw cash through QR code. Also, there is no risk of cloning the card.


“It’s a very fast service,” he said. You can withdraw cash in just 25 seconds.


Physical distance due to the corona virus is very important. In the absence of proper hygiene and awareness, there is a risk of spreading the infection through ATM machines.


In this case, a contactless ATM machine can be very useful for customers.


Meanwhile, the prevalence of corona virus in the country is increasing day by day. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, it has been made mandatory to observe social distance and wear a mask.

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