Healthy breakfast options to boost weight loss

An ideal approach for limited calorie intake is to avoid fatty, fried and calorie-laden foods.

Achieving an ideal weight or reducing those extra inches around the waist is everyone’s dream. But it calls for strong will-power and an approach which is backed with scientific facts. Fat loss or weight loss is achievable when you restrict the consumption of excess calories which is more than what the body requires and burn the existing stored fat through physical activities. An ideal approach for limited calorie intake is to avoid fatty, fried, and calorie-laden foods.

One can incorporate the following items in their meals, especially for breakfast:

Chia Seeds – These are a very good source of fibre. Two tablespoons of chia seeds give around 11 grams of fibre. They have a nutty texture which makes it fun to add to varied preparations like fruit or vegetable salads, juices, buttermilk or soup. You can also flavour the chia gel with spices or herbs of your choice and consume it. For example, tulsi water, jeera, ajwain, pudina, etc. You may have chia gel early in the morning when you wake up or can combine with breakfast. The goal is to reduce the breakfast portion and replace it with fibre and protein. But one has to take chia in moderation as 2 tablespoons of it provide 9 grams of fat.

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Enjoy your Sunday with these easy-to-make millet crackers.

Mixed millet porridge – Due to its high fibre content, it takes a long time for the millets to move from the stomach to the small intestine. This provides satiety and reduces the consumption of food. There are many millets like finger, pearl, proso, kodo, foxtail, barnyard and little millet. A single grain or combination of different millets makes a highly nutritive breakfast. Among all the millets, ragi or finger millet is the most popular one. It contains tryptophan, an amino acid that acts as an appetite suppressant and thus is effective in weight loss.

Quinoa – Quinoa is a pseudo-grain or grain-like seed that is packed with proteins, fibre and has a low glycaemic index and helps in weight loss. For getting more flavour, you can roast it before consuming it. You can make varied preparations like upma, pulao, khichdi, etc.

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Oats is an affordable, high fibre, complex carbohydrate, which blends in any preparation very well.

Oats – Oats is an affordable, high fibre, complex carbohydrate, which blends in any preparation very well. A very versatile food item, it offers many breakfast options if you are willing to be creative. Avoid using instant oats (the one which requires less cooking) as they are more processed. You can boil the oats and add vegetables, dhal, sambar, curd, vegetable broth or eggs, etc, to make it filling and nutrient-dense.

Eggs – Protein is an important and indispensable nutrient in weight loss, and eggs are known to be a high source of protein. Proteins increase metabolism by 15 to 30 per cent and also give satiety. Moreover, you can replace a portion of breakfast with two hard-boiled egg whites that will keep you full for a longer duration and reduce food cravings.

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