Don’t bother about attacks by right-wing media,’ says Zakir Naik who supports Zaira Wasim for leaving Bollywood


SRINAGAR, May 31: Former actress Zaira Wasim, who quit the Bollywood last year, has received support from renowned Islamic scholar Dr Zakir Naik who said she should not be “bothered about attacks on her by right-wing media”.

Zaira recently quoted a verse from the holy Quran about Allah’s punishment on people. Many media organizations and people claimed that she justifies the locust attacks in various Indian states, which led her to deactivate both her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

But on Saturday, she resumed her accounts.

Reacting to this Dr Zakir Naik said Zaira had posted a Quranic verse on social media. “She did not mention any thing about India. But the right-wing media supporting BJP-RSS government took some information and tried to malign her saying she is talking about India. They went to allege that she said Allah has sent punishment to India by sending locust. Locust attack is there in Africa, Pakistan and India,” he said in his video message as per news agency Kashmir Indepth News Service (KINS).

He claimed that media did same with him in 2016 when a terrorist attack took place in Dhaka. “One of the attackers had said he was Zakir Naik fan. What does that mean I have millions of followers,” he said.

He said Zaira Wasim post is relevant today. “Calamities take place and falling on both good and bad people. For bad people it is a punishment while for good people it is a test for them. She should continue to study Quran and not bothered about people who are problem to society and create Fitna. Successful people and those who speak the truth are bound to have enemies. Even Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) had highest number of enemies. We should not be disheartened when enemies are attacking us.”

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He also congratulated and supported Zaira for leaving Bollywood. “Most part of Bollywood is not appropriate for a practicing Muslim. It takes a lot of courage for a person who is famous in Bollywood to quit this industry. Allah will give her multiple rewards for leaving the Bollywood,” he added.(KINS)

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