Active Western Disturbance: Are any Floods expected in Jammu & Kashmir? Read Details Inside

An active Western Disturbance is going to impact Jammu and Kashmir from 04 July onwards, with its major impact expected on 05 & 06 July. Not only this, monsoon winds are also going to play a role for enhanced activity of rainfall here.

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Kashmir Region: Generally, moderate rainfall is expected in most areas. In a few spots, heavy rain showers are also possible. As monsoon winds will also be active, so there is a risk of cloudbursts. This in turn can increase the possibility of flash floods.

But, regarding any major floods or floods, the possibility is very less.
Unless something exceptional occurs, there is no flood threat. Flash Floods (area specific) shouldn’t be confused with Floods (talking particularly about Jhelum River).

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Snowfall is also possible over higher areas during this time!

Jammu Region: The most impact of these weather systems will be over Jammu areas, particularly plain areas in this region.

Weather Warning For J&K

Moderate to very heavy showers are possible, especially on 05 & 06 July.
In higher areas, there is a risk of cloudbursts and flash floods. So, people should stay vigilant.


  • Temperatures are expected to drop significantly around this time, particularly on 06th July.
  • High Risk of Shooting Stones/Landslides on Jammu-Srinagar National Highway.

Forecast Insights: Kashmir Weather

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